Goodbye, Discovery…

E’ il suo ultimo viaggio, senza più le sue ali per poter volare in cielo.

Un grazie profondamente speciale al grande lavoro compiuto dal Discovery nel trentenniodi attività degli Space Shuttle.

Una lunga vita di sogni e di meraviglie.

Grazie Discovery. Grazie per avermi fatto sognare.


~ di Sabrina su 25 aprile 2012.

3 Risposte to “Goodbye, Discovery…”

  1. Ha fatto sognare anche tutti noi trasformando l’impossibile in realtà, esplorando nuovi confini, compiendo nuove esperienze ed osservazioni al di fuori dell’atmosfera, rendendo l’esperienza umana nello spazio concreta e tangibile, avvicinandoci di un passo alle stelle!
    Grazie Discovery

  2. Hello. My name is Jennifer Scott and I produced this video. I am glad to see that you have shared it with others. Both my husband and I used to work at Kennedy Space Center but lost our jobs with the end of the shuttle program. We have so much pride in the SPace Program and it’s been so sad to slowly see it all go away. it’s nice to see that it’s not only important to us here in the United States, but also to people around the world. Thank you for your comments.

  3. Dear Jennifer, I am so honoured to read your comment. I thank you very much for posting your experience and for talking about your life on this Blog. Also, I am very sad to know your husband and you lost your jobs with the end of the Shuttle Program. It was a great era, an unforgettable moment in space esploration. This video is touching, the best I found on YouTube. No doubt to say you that. The banner of this Blog was taken from your video. It’s a long goodbye without an end… I watched it many times, and every time I was deeply touched.

    Thank you very much. May you find a new happy moment in space esploration very soon.

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